Albeniz y Granados


    Both of Isaac Albeniz and Enrique Granados are Spanish classical musician who played about 100 years ago.  Both started their carrier as pianist, and then moved to their activities into composing.  They left many piano works with tastes of Spanish folklore.  Nowadays, I think, we have much more occasion to listen performances arranged to guitar or symphony rather than piano.

    This site displays you some of my favorites of their work with Midi data which I built my self.  I am sure that there’s nothing more than an experience of an excellent performance played by real great musicians .  But, it is just fun of me to make my favorites into Midi files and display them to people.  I apology in advance for any discomfort you may feel from my midi performance.  :p

 イサークアルベニスとエンリケグラナドスは共に100年ほど前に活躍していたスペインの音楽家です。二人ともピアニストから作曲家に転じており、特にピアノ曲 としてスペインの民俗音楽に根ざした作品を残しています。しかし、ピアノでの演奏よりもギターに編曲されたり、オーケストラに編曲された形で耳にすることが多いように思います。


Isaac Albeniz

  1860/5/29 - 1909/5/18

Enrique Granados

  1867/7/27 - 1916/3/24

Isaac Albeniz and Granados in MIDI